Saint Louis County Schools Before- and After-School Programs

* Cherry-Little Tigers    * Northeast Range-Little Sprouts 

* North Woods-Little Grizzlies   * Tower-Soudan- Golden Eagles 

* South Ridge-Little Panthers


Schools offering after-school programs: North Woods-Little Grizzlies

 (Before school care is  being considered, please inquire with Denise Parson at 969-6115 or 666-5221 ext. 5110 if you are interested.)

Schools offering BOTH before- and after-school programs: Cherry-Little Tigers, Northeast Range-Little Sprouts, Tower-Soudan- Golden Eagles, South Ridge-Little Panthers



Online enrollment is the primary tool for enrollment using the Smartcare child care software. This allows you to update and access all information via an app on your phone or via a website/portal. Balances are readily seen, and online payments can be made easily among other convenient features.

Ways to Enroll

  1. Go to the ISD 2142 website and click on the “Community Education” tab, then click “Saint Louis County Schools Community Education Webstore”, then click “Smartcare Childcare” or
  2. Ask your community education coordinator or the director to send you an enrollment invitation link to your email address or 
  3. Choose your school below and click on the link for the program you want your child to enroll in and attend:

Cherry-  https://enrollments.smartcare.com/LittleTigers

Northeast Range- https://enrollments.smartcare.com/goldeneagleslittlesprouts

North Woods- https://enrollments.smartcare.com/LittleGrizzlies

South Ridge-  https://enrollments.smartcare.com/LittlePanthers

Tower-Soudan- https://enrollments.smartcare.com/goldeneagleslittlesprouts


Upon enrollment by you or a staff member, you will be sent a confirmation email to set up your  password and PIN. Please watch for notifications and emails from Smartcare. If you do not set this up, you will not have access to your child’s billing information, etc. Please do this as soon as possible or it may expire.


Download the app or portal from the link below or search: Smartcare for Parents



**Enrollment must be completed prior to your child attending the program.

*Please list all children that may possibly attend in grades learning readiness to sixth grade.

*You may enroll your child even if you do not know if or when the child care services will be needed.

*If you do not have a way to enroll your child online, please contact your local community education coordinator listed at the bottom of this page.

*Existing enrollees: Please access your enrollment account prior to the start of the school year or as often as needed to update authorized pick-up people, emergency contacts, personal contact information and any changes to medical information. 


**If you have an outstanding bill from a previous year, your child may not attend until the balance is paid in full.

If your bill is not paid in full, it will be turned over to the District Office for collections, if it has not already been.



If school is closed, so are the before/after school programs.


Before School Programs:

6-8 AM Monday-Friday


After School Programs:

After school-6 PM

Students can also attend before and/or after sports practice or activities. Staff will make sure they get to and from it. 


Care is not guaranteed unless you have pre-scheduled your child. This is not a “drop-in'' child care. We want to make sure that there is supervision for your child.


Attendance Notification

It is best to let us know the days and times your child will attend by 6:00 PM the Friday evening the week before their attendance. We understand that there may be times that may require a last-minute change, but due to changing COVID guidelines, STAFF, and BUS PLANNING, ALL SCHEDULING MUST BE DONE BY 1:00 PM EACH DAY. Care is not guaranteed after 1:00 PM each day if not pre-scheduled.

Who do I notify?

For the safety of your child(ren), many people need to know your child(ren)’s attendance schedule. Please notify the office of your child(ren)’s after school plans preferably in written form of a note or email. Emails are best. Calling the school office works, but they will often ask for an email to have a written confirmation. The office will then notify your child(ren)’s teacher, before/after school  staff and coordinator. You may also write a group email to all those who need to be aware of your child’s whereabouts. 

Please make sure the following people are in the group email:

*School secretary(ies) 

*Child(ren)’s teacher 

*Before/after school staff 

*Community education coordinator

If you do not get a confirmation reply, please check in. We want your child safe and accounted for. 

You may furnish us a weekly schedule on the provided form, but any change to it needs to be called in to the school secretary, and it is best to email the appropriate group above. 


What if our schedule is consistent?

If your child(ren) will have the same schedule all year, one written notification indicating that it will be the schedule for the year, unless you notify the group above otherwise, will be sufficient notice.


My child has a sport/activity.

Your child can do both. Students can also attend before and/or after sports practice or activity. Staff will make sure they get to and from it, but please indicate that on your weekly attendance schedule sheet or email If they need to attend a sport or activity.



Before School:

$2 per day per child

After school:

$5 first child per day, consecutive children in the same household are $4 per child per day.



A daily snack and juice or water are provided.



Remember: payments are due weekly. The Smartcare app/software will notify/email you of your balance on the weekend after attendance. Payments are due on Mondays. You can also pay a larger amount and carry a credit on your account from which daily charges will be deducted. Paper statements are no longer sent unless requested.


Late fees

Late fees are $5 monthly. Setting up auto-pay in Smartcare will avoid forgetting to pay, which causes late fees. There is no processing fee for auto-pay.



Your child must be signed out via the Smartcare system by an authorized pick up person. Enter door # _____ to drop off/pick up your child. Pick up time is no later than 6:00 PM. A late pick-up fee of $5.00 per family will be added for any pick up after 6:05 pm. Please be respectful of the staff who have schedules as well. PLEASE NOTIFY US IF YOU WILL BE HAVING SOMEONE ELSE PICK UP YOUR CHILD THAT IS NOT ON THE SMARTCARE AUTHORIZED PICK-UP PERSON LIST. If a person is not known, they may be asked for identification.


Upon pick-up, please help our staff by allowing and encouraging your child to clean up their toy or activity that they are working with before leaving with you. They will be asked by staff to clean-up before leaving.



We will follow any guidelines in place by the school district at the time.



We will do our best to plan some enrichment activities. We often have a wide variety of ages attending, and children with varying schedules to accommodate. Watch for any notices for special activity days or for community education classes (fees apply for community education classes) after school that your child may attend.

Your Coordinator:

Lenny Johnson



Your Before/After-School Supervisor:

Jill Schoenrock-Fries



Thank you! We look forward to seeing you and your children!


Community Education Coordinators

Cherry Carol Andrews: candrews@isd2142.k12.mn.us(218) 744-5392 - H, (218) 750-4570 - C

North Woods Denise Parson , (218) 666-5221 X5110, (218) 969-6115-C

Northeast Range Joseph Kaufenberg jpkaufenberg@isd2142.k12.mn.us(218) 827-3101 Ext 4419

South Ridge Lenny Johnson srce@isd2142.k12.mn.us, (218) 345-6720

Tower-Soudan Cara Harksen charksen@isd2142.k12.mn.us(218) 753-4040 or (218) 404-2196