2019-2020 K-Ready Preschool Supply List

NO LABELS NEEDED (community supplies)



-1 box 5 oz. Dixie Cups

-1 box of 3oz. Dixie Cups

-1 box of Kleenex

-1 bottle of Elmers School Glue

-1 Package of page protectors/dividers

-Clorox Wipes



-1 Composition notebook (no wires please)

-2 Sturdy Pocket Folders (with 3 hole fasteners in middle)

-1 One inch 3 ring binder

-1 Backpack large enough to fit 2 pocket folder and winter clothes

-Kindermat and small blanket for rest time
-Gym shoes to be kept at school (Velcro only please)

- Extra set of clothes in a labeled Ziploc bag


If you would like to donate items to our classroom these are things that we use often:

Post-its (any size), baby wipes, uncoated white paper plates, dry erase markers