***UPDATE*** As of October 10th, we only need to raise $197 more until we can get all of these amazing seating options!

For those of you that came to Open House or have been in our classroom, you will notice something a little different... we have other seating options besides the regular desk and chair! This is something that I am very excited to implement this year. I believe that flexible seating will turn out to be a great addition to our sixth grade classroom!

I do have a few different options right now in our classroom - foam mats to sit on, exercise balls, pillows and ottomans. However, I am also looking for more things to add to our seating options! I have a created a DonorsChoose website, seeking donations for more flexible seating, in hopes that over time, generous people out there will help us add to our seating options!

Some things that I would like to add would be:
  • Stools
  • Bean Bags
  • Gaming/Rocker chairs
  • Seat Pads
  • Standing tables

Hopefully throughout the year your child will be coming home, letting you know of something new that we recieved for our classroom!

If you want to read more about this, feel free to visit my DonorsChoose website!