401          2D Visual Art: CITS Media Art, Digital Ph<

Photograph by Wing Young Huie
This course will meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for one hour each day. Come prepared with your sketchbook, iPad/laptop, #2 pencil and eraser, earbuds and flash drive* (storage devise, phone (with permission), etc.). 
You must maintain your school gmail account and the web page. You must have your own set of ear buds. Internet permission form, photography consent form, equipment loan form and Internet citizenship consent form must all be in place before work in this course can begin.

We will be studying photography as it relates to the elements and principles of art and design. All projects require basic computer literacy. Many of our projects will align with cultural, historical and social events. You are expected to bring new knowledge from other class lectures and personal research to what you already know and are learning in this course. When you build meaning and substance into your art it will mean more to you and ultimately have more to say to others.
The digital world is continually changing. As new information is shard we all grow. Come prepared to be part of the conversation. Use http://artdept.carolynolson.net to keep on assignments. 
#7529 MCCC Code:05169     Students will create meaningful work demonstrating a working knowledge of elements and principles of art. Projects will reflect an understanding of media styles and genre. Students will create original media works that demonstrates their understanding of the personal, social, cultural and historical contexts affecting media art. Work will integrate knowledge of technology and software to create expressive original work.
FDLTCC ART 1095   An introduction course emphasizing digital camera function and simple image editing. Basic concepts of photography such as the use of light and shadows, composition and visual literacy will be explored. Image editing software will be used to edit and enhance pictures. Students must possess basic knowledge of computer function
Teacher’s prep hour is 1st  hour. Phone number is 218-345-6789 x3400. Email is colson@isd2142.k12.mn.us
Most Tuesday afterschool studios are open.