301        Sculpture

"Moses" by Michelangelo
#7511      Basic Introductory course in sculpture for one semester in the Spring. Development of visual art content, concepts, and skills. Emphasis on visual communication and production incorporating elements and principles of design. Project based work will reflect personal, social, historical and cultural context. Self reflection and evaluation of art process and product.
Exploration of sculpture media and materials (may include)  clay, wire, paper mache’, metal, wood, stone, found objects.
This course will meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for one hour each day. Come prepared with your sketchbook, iPad/Laptop, #2 pencil and eraser. We will be studying drawing and sculpture as it relates to the elements and principles of art and design. Projects are to be completed successfully within the class time provided. You are encouraged to work steadily throughout the hour and only create original work based on your own ideas. Keep the studio and your work organized and clean. Return all materials, mediums and supplies to their correct storage area.
Many of our projects will align with historical and social  events. Add to new knowledge from class lectures and research with  what you already know. Build meaning and substance into your art it will mean more to you and ultimately have more to say to others.
Ms. Olson’s prep hour is 1st hour. Phone number is 218-345-6789 x3400. Email is colson@isd2142.k12.mn.us
Art Department web page http://artdept.carolynolson.net