102          Development of Elements and Principles of Design 8

Art Deco Tile
This course will meet Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday for one hour each day. Come prepared with your sketchbook, iPad, #2 pencil and eraser. 
We will be studying design as it relates to the elements and principles of art. Much of our art and design work is cross-curricular.  Projects are developed to include prior knowledge with new knowledge.We will always draw. 2D work will include all sorts of mediums and materials. 3D sculpture will use clay, wood, snow, and fibers. We will create linoblock prints and dye fabrics,  work with iMovie and Stop Motion on iPads.
#7072/7082             Introduction of media and materials. Students will gain skills to create work reflecting personal experiences and knowledge. Project base work will reflect personal, social, historical and cultural content
Standards: Artistic Foundations 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of arts area
Teacher prep hour 1st hour M, T, Th, F. 
Phone number is 218-345-6789 x3400.
Email is colson@isd2142.k12.mn.us

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