101          Introduction to Elements and Principles of Design 7

Planetarium Umbrellas
This course will meet each Wednesday for two hours (morning or afternoon). Students are given a sketchbook which is to be in class each day long with their iPad, a #2 pencil and eraser.
We will be studying design as it relates to the elements and principles of art. Projects are to be completed successfully within the class time provided. Much of our art and design work is cross-curricular meaning they often use knowledge from other disciplines.  Projects are developed to include prior knowledge with new knowledge.
We will always draw. 2D work will include a variety of mediums and materials. 3D sculpture will use clay and everyday objects. We will work digitally using ComicBook!. Written critique/artist statements about your work is an important part of creating original art. 
7071/7081               Introductory art course exploring the elements and principles of design through a variety of art media and materials. Project based work will reflect personal, social, historical and cultural context.
Standards: Artistic Foundations 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of arts area
See Design Grading Rubric.
Instructor Prep time - 8:30 - 9:30, M,T, Th and F
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Phone number is 218-345-6789