Rules & Expectations

We believe in keeping a safe and clean working environment. 

When working in the Media Center or Computer Lab, you are expected to: 

1. Be quiet and be respectful of others working.

2. Leave food and drinks behind. Spills can attract pests as well as damage books and technology.

3. Stay on websites that are related to your schoolwork and search safely.

4. Keep your workstation neat. 

5. Keep your files organized. You are responsible for managing and storing your data. Google Drive is recommended, but you are welcome to use your network drive, a USB flash drive, Dropbox, or any other preferred method of storage for your files. 

6. Remember to log out of accounts and log off of the computer when finished. 

7. The computers are shared by many. Do not change any settings on any devices.  

8. Only print when necessary. 

Any misconduct may result in loss of privileges.